Year of the Flu

In 1916, Holbert Nixon, brought his bride, Beatrice, to the coal mining village of Revere in southwestern Pennsylvania to begin his first medical practice. He had signed an agreement with a coal company to care for the several hundred immigrants who lived in the village and worked in the Revere mine.

Before he could treat anyone, however, he discovered that he had to learn how to communicate since his patients spoke in foreign dialects. Even their names were hard to pronounce. Although struggling with these early challenges, he and Bea happily settled in to the simple country life and had a baby daughter.

Then, in September, 1918, disaster struck. Villagers sickened in rapid succession in the flu pandemic that killed quickly and indiscriminately throughout the world. This is a true story of Nixon’s heroic fight to save the lives of an entire town from history’s most lethal influenza virus that killed more people in a year than the Black Death killed in a century.

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InnocentStrangers_200Innocent Strangers

A beautiful wealthy heiress is murdered in Mt. Hope, Pennsylvania, at the height of the golden era of the coal and coke industry, and hapless strangers, a father-and daughter, are accused. Forced to prepare a defense, city-bred Jenny and her lawyer father, Marcus, uncover evil and corruption among the ruling coal-rich elite. Powerful ruthless and ambitious men are involved with this charming heiress, but which one is the murderer? A budding romance between Jenny and a boyish young doctor is intertwined in a story that exposes the dark secrets of a small vengeful town.

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RacingRacing in Her Blood

A professional racing career? Why not? If your father owns a Porsche-Audi agency, and your uncle was a race driver, and you’ve been around cars since  before you could walk, it’s a natural.

Unless you’re a girl.

Jane Barton wants to race, and Racing in Her Blood traces her attempt to break into the male-dominated world of auto racing. This fast-moving novel brings vividly to life the tension in the cockpit, the excitement at the rack, the thrill of
taking the lead-and the difficulties facing a young woman who wants to prove that she can compete…and win.

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