I am a member of the Greatest Generation and proud to admit it, even though it puts me in the top tier of many statistics. My architect husband and I raised three sons, and it was not until their teen years that I began to write. I wrote about what I knew.
The boys loved cars (their father’s influence). Two of them became professional sports car drivers. It was a sport totally foreign and hair-raising to me, but I went with it. From this experience, I wrote my first book, Racing in Her Blood.
For my next effort, I jogged my long memory for stories of the flamboyant lives of the millionaires in our town who prospered when coal became king in the late nineteenth century. The result was an historical mystery, “Innocent Strangers.”
Memory again has given me my next book, The Year of the Flu, which will be published in the fall, 2017.

My email address is: maltman@atlanticbb.net